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©  All rights reserved to Juanma Alonso

I'm a character artist. My passion is characters , including all the process from sketching and sculpting until the final render and I enjoy working in other fields, such as rigging, animation or simulations.

As a character artist I've  15 years of experiencie in the industry, in creation characters from interpreting the original concept art to bringing the characters to life in a project, working in fields like animation films, videogames, arquitecture and  3d instructor in Aula Tematica School and I.E.D. MAdrid

I enjoy being a team player and working with other character artists and other team members in developing a joint project; My key strength is the ability to work in a challenging environment and push one's boundaries, because a character artist is the one who learns all the way through his career.


• Concept art to 3D model 
• Strong understanding of human anatomy 
• Sculpting and high-definition models 
• Low poly modeling and topology 
• UV mapping/pack 
• Rigging (Character TDs, from bipeds to quadrupeds) 
• High resolution / Hand-painted textures 
• Animation and hair/cloth simulation 
• Motion capture cleaning